freddie mercury … – Freddie Mercury and Barbara Valentin –

** My Freddie Mercury **
This blog is dedicated to Freddie,
the greatest rock legend and the best musician of all time.

* * *

Nothing was straightforward with Freddie,
including his love life.
Everyone now knows that while leading an gay lifestyle,
Freddie cherished to the end his inimitable bond
with Mary Austin.

Freddie Mercury

But there was another woman
who had been close to the star,
Austrian actress Barbara Valentin.
In the Munich club and in the privacy of her apartment
Freddie and Barbara
spent many happy hours together.

Freddie & Barbara

Barbara said:
Freddie told me:

**My God! Finally I can talk to someone
who understands the real me
and what I want to do with my life** 

Freddie & Barbara

Sadly that life proved to be shorter than he knew.

Once Freddie learned of his illness, at first,
Freddie tried hiding away,
but cutting himself off from Barbara didn’t work.

Freddie & Barbara

**After about eight months,*
Barbara told
*my door bell rang, and it was Freddie.**
Freddie just stood there and said:
**I can’t stay away from you.
I can’t live without you in my life.
Take me in and take care of me.** 
And I did.
He was in a lot of emotional pain
and he had to work out a way to live with his illness
but it was very hard.

Barbara Valentin
was actress.
They met in the mid-1980’s,
when Freddie was having more relationships with men.
Freddie and Barbara purchased an apartment in Munich together,
but Freddie, unfortunately, never moved in.
When Freddie died,
Barbara was advised
not to attend Freddie’s funeral.

Freddie & Barbara

Barbara lived together with Freddie in the 1980s
and she supported the fight of HIV organizations
against the disease after Freddie’s death.

Freddie & Barbara

Barbara was born in December 15,1940 in Vienna, Austria
Her birth name was Ursula Ledersteger.
Barbara died in February 22,2002
in Munich, Bavaria, Germany after stroke.
She is buried in Munich.

* * *

Source: Wikipedia


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6 thoughts on “freddie mercury … – Freddie Mercury and Barbara Valentin –

  1. I known about the relationship Freddie had with Barbara, and I think she made Freddie happy, in a way, only a few could. It must have been a story, that she was not at Freddie’s last farewell, and I think, this was something Freddie would been very upset about that, because he loved her.

  2. From what i know, they fell out with one another. According to Peter Freestone in his book about Freddie, he (Freddie) felt that she had betrayed him in some way. How true that is, we don’t know. The fact that she was asked not to attend his funeral may go some way to explain that there may well have been a fall out.

    • I know what happened, but I don’t want to write about. It was their personal problem. Mary was asked by Freddie to do all about funeral and to take care about his ash. Mary kept her promise, who gave to Freddie. <3 Freddie & Camilla <3

  3. I love Freddie, and have some books about him as well.
    Peter Freestone, the man who makes money and a living, by writing a book about Freddie and makes a profit out of Freddie’s death.
    I appreciate your loyalty to Freddie, by not telling why Barbara was not at Freddie’s last farewell, thank you Camilla, because that is sincere and I respect that <3

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