freddie mercury… **FREDDIE MERCURY and David Wigg with Camilla** part 2 of 3

 ** My Freddie Mercury **

It’s My Blog dedicated to My Freddie,
the greatest rock legend and the best musician of all time.

Freddie is my best friend
and  the most beautiful person
I’ve ever met in my life.
Love you Freddie 



Part 2


But behind the showmanship was someone who was shy, suspicious
and guarded his privacy with an obsessive tenacity.
It was only when Freddie could entirely trust someone that he opened up
and then wanted to have outrageous fun and laughter in his life.
However, even when surrounded by people,
Freddie still felt isolated and vulnerable.
His stage image didn’t help him in developing relationships.
Freddie said, *I created a monster. I’m handicapped because people think
I’m like that. When I’m trying to get a relationship together

I’m the nicest person you could meet. I’m a peach!*
*Because audiences love me, it’s hard for them to believe that somebody
like Freddie Mercury could be lonely*,
Freddie continued.
*In fact, my kind of loneliness is the hardest. I can be in a crowd and still be the loneliest person, because I don’t really belong to anyone.
Over the years I have become bitter and I don’t trust anybody because
they’ve let me down so many times.
The more you are let down, the more you are hurt*.
 In the TV interview  I said to Freddie, the time must be coming
when you will really want to spend your life with someone?
His answer surprised me.
*Yes, but no-one wants to share their life with me*,
he told me, serious for once.
‘The more I open up, the more I get hurt.
Basically I’m just riddled with scars and I just don’t want any more.
I’m petrified of being alone. I like to shut myself away,
but I wouldn’t want to be on a desert island.

*It’s not easy living with me.
The more mishaps I have, the better my songs are going to be.
If I found someone to have a long relationship with,
bang goes all my research
to help me write wonderful songs.
I just don’t know what is in store for me*.


It wasn’t that Freddie hadn’t worked at it. As he told me,
* I’ve tried relationships on either side – male and female. But all of them have gone wrong. Obviously I’m not a good catalyst. I don’t think anyone can put up with me. I eat people and destroy them.*
 Freddie & Jim
‘I know I’m greedy, I’m possessive and I just want it all my own way.
But doesn’t everybody? We all want to have our cake and eat it.
I demand a lot, but I do give a lot in return. And I want a bit of  drama and volatility.
 *I am a true romantic, though, but I have a very hard exterior
– it’s difficult for people to get through to me and I attract all the wrong kinds.
When people have got through to me, they’ve always betrayed my trust.
That’s when I go the other way, and turn into an ogre.
*But I don’t want love to be harmonious all the time.
I want a bit of the shake-downs, the drama and the volatile effect*.
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 Source : Queen Archive