freddie mercury … **FREDDIE MERCURY & BARBARA VALENTIN** part 3 of 3

** My Freddie Mercury **

It’s My Blog dedicated to My Freddie,
the greatest rock legend and the best musician of all time.

Freddie is my best friend
and the most beautiful person
I’ve ever met in my life.
Love you Freddie

* * *


– Continued from Part 2 –

Mary Austin

If MARY AUSTIN was shy and retiring,
BARBARA was just the opposite.

Barbara Valentin

Barbara and Freddie would cruise the bars together.
Sometimes Barbara, Freddie and a boyfriend
would end up in bed together
while at other times each would get jealous of the men
the other was attracting.
Once Freddie hit a man he felt was paying her too much attention.

Freddie Mercury

“Another time I was flirting with someone and Freddie slapped me.
But to me that slap was like a bunch of roses.”

“Yes, it was strange and different.
But then our relationship was hard to understand.”

Barbara believes that despite the men in Freddie’s life, the love t
hey shared was deeper than any of his dalliances.

Freddie Mercury

“I was never jealous of his affairs as such,”
Barbara once told German magazine Bunte.
“I always spent much longer with him that with anyone else.”

 Barbara used to scold him for his liking of “rough trade”
– what she called
“those dumb, big-handed, big-faced, lorry driver types.”

“He respected me for it. ‘Barbara,’ he said, ‘without you I would go to the dogs’”

“But there was a Jekyll and Hyde quality to him. Sometimes he would fly into a rage and throw his beautiful furniture around. In an hour it would all be forgotten and he’d be planting a rose with his delicate, womanly fingers.”

“Once I found him in a kind of trance, beating his head against a radiator till both were covered with blood.”


Freddie Mercury


Another time Barbara had to be rescued by her assistant
when Freddie began to strangle her in his sleep. 
“Freddie had no idea he was doing these things.
There wasn’t a mean bone in his body.”

“When he was in Munich
one of the cats he left behind in London died.
Freddie broke down in flood of tears and flew home for its funeral.”

“And in London last summer
one of his beautiful golden koi carp took ill and died.
Can you imagine? Freddie started to cry.”

Freddie Mercury


But life between Freddie and Barbara was never the same
after he quit Munich in 1985.
The city which once had held so much fun for him had lost its allure.

Freddie Mercury

IN LONDON the once-flamboyant figure turned into a shrinking violet.

 He had become a ghost of his former self.
Like Mary Austin, his first-and-forever girlfriend,
Barbara confirmed that the star was in agony and had to use painkillers.
But again, Freddie never complained.

“There were also visits to hospitals, made in the utmost secrecy.
One was for a blood transfusion,” 
says Barbara.

“In the middle of it all we visited a church in Switzerland,
where we prayed for a miracle.”


The last time Barbara saw him
Freddie was lying thin and gaunt on his bed.
She left the house in tears.

A few weeks later Barbara sent to Freddie a key,
made from 18-carat gold.
It was the one to the flat they once shared.

Freddie Mercury

**A key to past he would never be able to revisit.**

* * *