freddie mercury … **STORY of FARROKH BULSARA alias FREDDIE MERCURY** – Part 5 of 5 -

  ** My Freddie Mercury **

It’s My Blog dedicated to My Freddie,
the greatest rock legend and the best musician of all time.

Freddie is my best friend
and the most beautiful person
I’ve ever met in my life.
Love you Freddie 

* * *

***From adorable smiling child to rock legend…
…from Farrokh Bulsara to Freddie Mercury***

– Part 5 -

                                                                                          – Henriette Sadler


*Nothing can bring him down, his success is like magic,*
said jealousy, envy and hatred to each other.
*Let’s see about his great protector,*
said malice, meaning God.
They all joined forces and planned another attack, something much worse than just destroying Freddie Mercury’s reputation.


It was as if his enemies were slowly poisoning his body.
They thought nothing but a slow, cruel death was good enough for him.
Good enough for someone, whose slow death is brought about by jealousy and
its bestial companions.
Slowly, very slowly, the poison spread. Freddie Mercury died very slowly.
*Each day Freddie cam a little closer to death,* one of his handful of friends said.
By destroying his reputation, Freddie’s death became less conspicuous.


A wise person once said:
*The ideal murderer is never found – he commits a crime without leaving any evidence that could lead to even the faintest
suspicion of murder!*

Freddie’s idea of founding a family was over now.
But that didn’t make him wallow in sorrow or complain about his fate.
He never gave up, even when he was gravely ill.
Despite his physical degeneration and the endless tortures,
he remained loyal to his mission in life.


Freddie kept composing music and continued fighting his enemies,
as his talent, his music and his imagination never deserted him.
And neither did his humor.
Freddie’s humor gave him the last laugh in the face of those who opposed him.
They were helpless in the end.
How could they tear away the music from a slowly dying man,
if his body and soul would not allow it?
On the contrary, the weaker his body became, the stronger his voice.


His harmonies, melodies and songs became all the stronger, as his body weakened. During his final years, music gave him a supernatural power,
month for month, week for week and day for day.
However, Freddie could no longer perform without the help of the band,
which still stood by him.

Freddie redirected the abuse, ridicule and taunts he received back to his enemies,just like the arrows, which used to adorn his costumes.
Freddie’s projectiles hit their targets, and he finally won the battle.
Jealousy, envy, hatred and malice were only hurting themselves
by wishing Freddie a slow and cruel death.
Freddie’s slow death left him yet more time to write music for the people of this earth!


Freddie Mercury died peacefully on the 24th of November.
At his deathbed two Zoroastrian priests celebrated all the rituals,
which are required for a devout Zoroastrian.
Freddie’s body was cremated, as dictated by his religious beliefs.


Millions of people remained loyal to Freddie Mercury even after his death.
Jealousy, envy, hatred and malice underestimated the power of someone,
who is no longer on this earth.
The power of the everlasting soul is far greater than that of the living,
more forceful than the living can ever imagine.
No living person can match the power of the everlasting soul, since our lives are too limited by material things and all the related shortcomings.


1946    –    INFINITY

The world mourned when Freddie Mercury died.
His music will never be forgotten.
It is still played to this day, and he is still loved to this day.
Jealousy, envy, hatred and malice remain powerless in the face of
Freddie Mercury today.

♥︎♥︎♥︎ LOVE YOU FREDDIE ♥︎♥︎♥︎

* * *

Henriette Sadler – Story Of Farrokh Bulsara Alias Freddie Mercury
Posted by Katarina Camilla Somosova with the consent of Henriette Sadler

German version (original version)
Henriette Sadler©
English translation by Renée von Paschen ©2011